Social Media Marketing Services

Sharing content, exchanging ideas and actively engaging in real-time conversations, social moves at the speed of light. And for brands that can keep up, the rewards are tremendous.

Brand loyalty, customer engagement, qualified traffic and earned backlinks aren’t easy to come by. To get more out of your social marketing, you need to give more. Success comes from listening to your consumers, and providing them with the content they need, where and when they want it.

With ROI as the focal point of all of our efforts, we develop intelligent social campaigns that build audiences and motivate engagement by providing your consumers with content that offers genuine value and utility.


Social Listening

Social media is all about the conversation. It’s a two-way street of actively listening to your audience so you can strategically reply with the data, information, or solution they crave.

Provoking real conversations between your brand and target consumer begins with an understanding of your audience’s desires, online behaviors and their perception of your brand. Listening to what your audience and industry has to say allows us to craft and apply a unique, authoritative voice to your content that establishes trust and invites consumer engagement with your brand. Identifying trends, shared issues, and gaps in the online coverage powers the creative process ensuring you are delivering content that adds and doesn’t distract from the conversation.

Our proactive social listening and monitoring techniques keep our social media analysts wired into your eco-system; enabling us to strike when new opportunities arise, or create buzz around your brand when the level of natural dialog is low.


Social Content Strategy

It’s easy to assume that a quantity approach is a quality approach to social media marketing. But without a comprehensive social marketing strategy, all you are doing is adding to the noise.

Our approach is simple. We create content that cuts to the heart of your audience’s needs, assess what existing brand assets we can integrate across all media, target influencers and honey holes for distribution and promotion, and outline how your brand presence and engagement will be monitored and managed.


Engagement Consulting

Online consumers aren’t patient. Brands that don’t effectively engage with their consumers risk losing potential opportunities and sales to competitors that are quick on the social draw. Working collaboratively with our partners, we assist brands in managing their social content and engagement, walking them through the best practices for sparking new conversations, responding to customer service and reputation issues or providing new ideas from our research and social listening. Whether you’re a pro, or need a social kick-start, our team can help you supercharge your traffic generation, boost sales, and develop brand evangelists from your social media efforts.


Measuring your Success

Executing social marketing strategies that motivate engagement, earning “likes,” retweets, shares and links is only half of the equation. If your efforts don’t produce a measurable ROI, then your efforts were wasted. Using analytics and tracking tools, we monitor and measure your social media marketing strategies and their impact on all of your digital assets, assessing ROI to continually fine-tune and improve our efforts.

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