We don’t view SEO through the same lens as most online marketers.

Having been in the game for more than a decade, we understand that SEO is more than a laundry list of best practices and repeatable task lists. Proper website optimization is both an art and a science: It is the meticulous process of testing, analyzing and fine-tuning integrated site and page-specific strategies to deliver short and long-term ranking results. Now more than ever, investing in an integrated on-page/off-page solution with a trusted search engine optimization agency is the most cost-effective method for increasing brand exposure, maintaining your reputation and driving prospective customers to your business. Search engines need to see a consistent story between your website’s on-page and off-page activities. Validating your off-page efforts with the corresponding on-page optimization and content development works to secure trust from your target audience and the search engines – ultimately increasing rankings for your most valuable keywords and providing visitors with a seamless brand experience.


Revolving around an integrated approach to promoting your brand’s digital assets, we use consumer research and market analysis to create a buyer persona that drives a central brand narrative. Our research team dives deep into your customer, discovering who they are, what queries they use, what devices they are utilizing and what drives them to buy. Our market analysis profiles your competition, creating a dossier articulating who they are, what they do well, and how you can beat them at their own game. In addition to researching the human element of search optimization, we jump head first into the technical side, evaluating the components, code and structure of your website to identify any issues potentially limiting your site’s ability to rank well in the search engines. Components of our research include:
  • Keyword Research

    Understanding the unique needs, trending topics and buying triggers of your target audience, we perform keyword research to identify opportunities at each stage of the purchasing process, pinpointing low-hanging opportunities to capture customers and grow your business.
  • Off-Page Analysis

    Links are still a critical component within a robust and well-rounded search strategy. Our off-page research analyzes who is linking to you (your backlink profile) and who’s linking to your competitors. Understanding your backlink situation allows us to create natural, content-based link development campaigns that will complement your on-page efforts.
  • Competitive Research

    No business exists in a vacuum. Our competitive research will help you better understand your industry and how your competitors market online. We will use this knowledge to help you out-market your competition.


Keywords still play a huge role in how search engines bring people to your site. Our keyword research finds opportunities at each stage of the purchasing process. Understanding trending topics and buying triggers will help you gain new customers and grow your business. The key to consistently ranking well, over a long period of time, is the regular creation of highly useful, engaging content that builds authority with users and search engines. Content that entertains and educates motivates users to engage, resulting in the comments, shares, social votes and links that ultimately power improved search rankings. As Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, puts it, “The goal should really be to make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience.” Blending our search marketing expertise with fresh data and research, we create and optimize “fantastic” content, enabling your website to work harder for you, driving more traffic from better rankings and converting more visitors at all stages of the purchasing cycle.


Aiming to provide the best content experience for their users, search engines reward sites that deliver a positive and relevant brand and content experience to their users. Improperly optimized websites struggle to earn the trust and authority needed to compete in today’s online marketplace. Effectively converting your target audience into buying customers hinges on optimizing your website to provide content access for both visitors and the search engines. Our experts address your site holistically and at the page level, thoroughly analyzing, adjusting and regularly testing changes during the life of your campaign; consistently working to improve the formula for optimal site performance in the search results. Whether we are evaluating URLs and link structure or page-specific meta tags, code structure and content; you can rest assured that our experts have seen it all before and know the right fix to deliver results.

Brand Authority

SEO wins also depend on building authority to amplify the success of your content. Individual pages and keywords can only perform so well on their own if the search engines don’t trust and value your site overall. Since Google values “authority” above all else, the goal of great optimization is to enhance brand and domain authority by fostering audience awareness and subscription through numerous social channels and influencer engagement. Assembling the most influential authors, thought leaders and media contacts onto your brand advocacy team, Digital Current amasses a digital asset library of on-page and off-page optimized content, strategically promoting it through your advocate’s social spheres, watering holes, media outlets and circles of influence. Coming full circle, we attract the eyeballs and earn links necessary for enhancing brand authority through media relations, influencer outreach and paid discovery. Our comprehensive process is the most effective method for promoting your brand and securing the search rankings your business needs to thrive.

Link Development

Link popularity remains a critical element of the search engine ranking algorithms. However, enduring SEO success relies on natural, organic link building utilizing content that has real value to your target audience and industry influencers. Since links are inherent in good content, Digital Current uses specialized content development methodologies to form your digital asset library, equipping numerous types of content as a broad foundation to support all of our content promotion efforts as we help you amass durable organic, authoritative links.


There’s no such thing as “set it and forget it” SEO. Listening to and interpreting analytics data is the most effective method for understanding success and identifying new opportunities for your campaigns. As part of every ongoing SEO campaign, we actively monitor keyword rankings, analytics and other key performance indicators to obtain critical information and adjust your strategy as needed. This recurring cycle of adjusting and measuring allows us to dial in results, applying your budget where it counts and maximizing your ROI. Learn More Return to Full List of Digital Marketing Services