Delivering a measurable ROI is what we do best. Making you the office hero in the process? That one’s on us.

The demands on marketers and online marketing campaigns has never been higher. Measuring cross-channel campaign efforts and staying ahead of an ever-shifting online marketplace is challenging. Adding the requirement of tracking ROI makes this task all but impossible for most brands.

Because success isn’t static, maximizing your online marketing investment requires a partner who is committed to making smart decisions based on data and results, not gut feelings and assumptions. Digital Current’s active and organic process of benchmarking, measuring and evaluating results allows our teams to validate our efforts as we adjust your campaign to meet new opportunities. When you work with us, we will make sense of all the data and give you a clear picture of the ROI for every dollar spent.

See the Big Picture

Many online marketers make the critical mistake of basing decisions on individual reports or single data-sets. The unfortunate reality is no single source of data is completely reliable. Without a comprehensive big picture in place, you limit your campaign’s ability to achieve a maximum ROI.

At Digital Current, we take a diagnostic approach to measurement and data analysis. Blending disparate data and numerical insights into a holistic view, we utilize proprietary algorithms and traffic projection modeling before a campaign to validate our tactics, during a campaign to fine-tune our efforts and prioritize opportunities, and afterward to gauge our success and apply new insights to future strategies.

Real-time Monitoring

Marketing is both proactive and reactive. Constantly testing and evaluating our tactics, data is the heartbeat of your online marketing campaign. Plugged in through web analytics and advanced data-analysis tools, we monitor your campaign’s data-pulse, tracking changes and trends and reviewing incoming traffic, consumer behavior, split testing and conversion data in real time. This continuous live feedback allows us to quickly respond to changing conditions, making intelligent decisions based on fact, not intuition.

Transparent Reporting

As your business partner, we believe in giving you complete transparency into the work being done on your behalf. Battle-tested and proven, we’ve got nothing to hide. Our campaigns yield results and we are happy to let the numbers do the talking. Simplifying data through easy to understand reports and dashboards, every campaign also includes dedicated support staff that can answer questions and assist you in interpreting and making strategic decisions throughout your campaign.

Planning for the Future

Your online marketing budget is an investment. Consistently moving toward your long-term objectives is just as critical as achieving short-term success. Protecting your investment isn’t just about reacting to current opportunities and changes in the data; it’s about anticipating the future and executing strategies that deliver results far beyond the expiration date of your campaign.

Executing online marketing strategies for more than 10 years, our experience working with the search engines provides us with an intimate understanding of their inner workings: how they think, what they look for, and what they value. Our growing repository of analytics and campaign data allows us to project the search engine change curve and anticipate where they want to go, and how they will get there. As a result, Digital Current can optimize your digital assets for success; allowing you maximize your investment and gain market share before your competitors have a chance to see the change and react.

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