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You need more than customer trust to reach the top of the search results — you also need the trust and authority of search engines. Our proprietary Link Spam Score tool assesses websites’ quality beyond domain authority before we conduct manual outreach, so you can rest assured that your backlinks are giving you the boost you need to increase rankings and drive qualified traffic. And with 17 years of link building experience (and zero penalties), we have the relationships and expertise to move quickly for you. 





Link building services have come a long way and our approach is built on more than a decade of experience. Authority strategies, tailored to distinct personas and important moments along the buyer’s journey, drive web traffic and brand awareness in line with your customers’ needs — and your company’s mission.


We don’t just find any old site to provide a link. Through tactics like content marketing, influencer engagement, publisher outreach, link-earning scholarship programs, graphic creation and promotion, real guest posting and more, we identify ways to support your overall content and SEO strategies. This leads to a larger audience of engaged prospects. And, if we’ve done our job right, these prospects will become customers.

Both the numbers and the pros agree that links and link building don’t just still matter — they’re critical for anyone who wants to succeed online.  They are more valuable than they have ever been. They are just harder to build now.

SEO 101: Does Link Building Still Work

Kevin Chow

“Links are effectively, online recommendations. A link is a metaphorical pat on the back from one website owner to another saying, ‘I trust your information.’”

3 Superior Link Building Boosters to Increase Search Rankings

Sam Hurley

We’re a leader in building domain authority, with the success stories to prove it

As we’ve said, we’ve been doing this for a while now, and in those 16 years we’ve never received a Google penalty.  In fact, we’re the experts in recovering companies from Google penalties and getting them re-indexed. But what does this mean for you? You’ll get top-tier strategies focused on a safe, diversified backlink portfolio, that yields many benefits including ranking on the perfect sets of keyword phrases to drive rankings and conversions to revenue, build your brand into an authority, yield more direct traffic by showing up on websites with interested viewers, and protect your reputation. You’ll benefit from our industry expertise in verticals like finance, health, technology, education, retail, e-commerce, professional services, hospitality, SaaS and more. And, we’re completely transparent, keeping you up-to-date on your progress, every step of the way.


What do you get when you build links with us?

  • Domain authority strategy development
  • Competitor analysis and plan to dominate
  • Keyword, trends & topic research
  • Backlink auditing & monitoring
  • Link acquisition & outreach
  • Preemptive removal, cleanup & disavow
  • Content distribution & promotion
  • Penalty removal
  • Agency white-labeling services

Link Building FAQ

Is link building safe?

The short answer: only if it’s done right. 

First, a brief history of link building. When search engines first developed their algorithms they realized something crucial: most sites don’t want to send their precious traffic away and if they do, it must mean the linked content is worthy. So search engines included backlink numbers in their algorithms to keep track of how many times a website was linked to (read: deemed worthy). Well, SEO specialists saw this as a prime opportunity for manipulation and built link farm sites — all links, no content. 

To combat the deceit, Google rolled out its Penguin update in 2012, which started to evaluate the quality of links in addition to the quantity and penalize manipulations. In the past seven years, Google’s continued to advance its algorithm to spot malicious link building practices. 

So then any paid link building is dangerous, right?


We’re ahead of the curve. In the 15 years we’ve been leading the industry, we’ve never gotten our clients even a single Google penalty. We ensure safe linking by only building to relevant sites while offering valuable content to their readers, employing several tactics (see below) and tapping sites with high domain authority (aka sites that search engines believe are quality). 

That means we place links on reputable websites that take users to rich, engaging content. This builds a quality backlink profile that impresses Google, driving the linked site higher up in search results. 


What link building tactics does Digital Current use?

Guest Posting
Leveraging our relationships with top publishers, we create and place articles monthly that link back to your site. We have full control over the anchor text for maximum benefit. 

Aged Content
We identify relevant articles that already exist across the web and get a link to your site added to the piece, as well as a sentence or two in the content to ensure search engines see the link inclusion as a valid content update.

Broken Link Building
Similar to aged content, we identify relevant articles that contain broken links. We’ll work with the publisher to update the link to one of your amazing resources, as well as a sentence or two. A win for the publisher and a win for you!

Unlinked Brand Mentions
If we find your company is mentioned positively around the web, but there’s no link back to the site, we work with the publisher to get a link up. 

Media Placements
The cream of the crop for domain authority. We have relationships with genuine media publications that can benefit you!

Linkable Asset Marketing
We create a piece of content, for example, an infographic, that lives on your site and naturally attract links, shares, and traffic. The marketing and promotion of this content accelerates the natural linking process helping to build high-quality links directly. Learn more about content marketing with Digital Current

Local Citations
Search engines know that if you’re legit, your (consistent) business information will appear across the web —  so that’s the minimum standard to get your site ranking locally. If you have at least one physical location, local citations are a must! The catch? It’s incredibly time-consuming and it takes a location citations expert to know where you should be listed. That’s where we come in! Not only do we get you listed on the right directories, we also ensure it’s with a consistent, correct NAP (name, address, phone). 

Directory Listings
Getting listed on online directories sends strong trust signals to search engines. We work with the top 50 directory sites, as well as those that are relevant to your industry or niche, to increase your authority for higher rankings. Great both for businesses with physical locations and online-only organizations.

Social Boost
Social media engagement demonstrates to search engines that you’re a well-rounded business with valuable content, thus granting you more authority. Invest in a mix of likes and shares on the posts you want to earn more reach. 

Spammy-looking comments get deleted. But strategically placed and authentically written comments can help grow your sphere of influence with relevant players in your target audience. We get comments on blogs, forums and/or websites that help drive that influence with a link back to your site.


How many backlinks do I need?

It depends. We know, we know, that’s your least favorite answer, but let us explain. Above, we talked about safe link building. Well, another important factor in safety is speed. Build too quickly and it tips off the search engines that something unnatural might be happening. Build too slowly and your competition will continue to win. 

The right speed is industry- and history-specific, though it can exponentially increase as time passes. When we create your custom proposal, we’ll use your current backlink profile, competitive insights and our link building expertise to determine the right number of links (and the right cadence) for your brand.

Remember: consistency is key! To realize success, think of link building as an ongoing monthly investment. 


How much does link building cost?

Again, it depends! Some businesses can see great success in spending $1,000 per month, while others need to invest $30,000+ per month to move the needle in especially competitive or specialized niches. 

This depends on all the factors we covered above — competition, site history, speed, variety of tactics, domain authority needed and how quickly you want to see results. During the proposal process, we’ll find the right solution to help your business meet its goals and build safely . 

We’ll likely ask you what your budget is during discovery. We do this not so we can make a plan that squeezes every cent out of you, but because we don’t want to waste your time. If you don’t have enough to do link building right, we’ll let you know you should invest elsewhere (such as SEO or content). If you have more than or just enough, you’ll see a proposal for exactly what you need to meet your goals. 


What makes Digital Current’s link building different?

We don’t use PBNs: Posting on Private Blog Networks (or PBNs) is a good way to get a penalty. That’s why we created a proprietary tool to evaluate sites before outreach, so you can rest assured the links we secure you are on real sites with real value. 

We’re outcomes-focused: When you work with us, we know you’re investing in growth and we take that very seriously. We only propose plans we know will help you reach your goals and then hold ourselves accountable to the results — rankings and traffic growth — not an arbitrary number of links. 

We’re SEO specialists, not just link builders: Even if you’re just hiring us to build links, we have your back. Search algorithms change daily, and we’re on top of those changes so we can work with you to pivot strategy should you be impacted. 

We guarantee uptime: If links are coming down as fast as they go up, you gain nothing! We partner with great publishers with the longest guaranteed uptimes. Should a link be removed before the guarantee period, we’ll have it re-published or replaced on another publisher’s website at no cost to you. 


What’s the proposal process like? How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply use the contact form (the “I’d like to inquire about Digital Current’s services” option). Then…

  • We’ll reach out to schedule a 30-minute discovery call where we’ll ask you about your goals, timing, pages, keywords, budget, etc. (if you’d rather do discovery via email, we can send you a questionnaire, but we’d really like the chance to get to know each other).
  • Using the information from discovery, we’ll develop a custom proposal in which we’ll look at your current profile, competition and goals to create a plan that will deliver success. This process typically takes about five business days.
  • We’ll have a proposal review call during which we’ll walk you through the plan and answer any questions you have. 


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