Integrated Strategy

Meeting the needs of your audience used to be simple.
Media and content consumption habits are changing at rapid speeds. Just when businesses and marketers think they have the new channels figured out, someone innovative comes along and throws a wrench into your online marketing mix.

The new wave of content mediums, marketing channels and audiences’ multi-screen consumer behavior presents online marketers with the challenge of creating non-linear, integrated campaigns that provide measurable results on fixed budgets. And while most marketing agencies understand the theory behind integrated online marketing, very few have developed and executed a large-scale, fully integrated campaign.

The backbone of every successful client solution for more than a decade, strategy is something we take seriously. Focusing on the individual needs of your target audience as well as your business goals, our expert strategists architect smart campaigns that get your message in front of the right people at the right place and at the right time. Our experience helps us to avoid common pitfalls, quickly identify opportunity and build economies of scale within your campaign, maximizing every dollar spent and providing you with the greatest return on investment.


Media Convergence

The brand experience has shifted with the evolution of technology. It jumps and moves as customers journey between devices, channels and media. Creating a strategy around the right mix is becoming increasingly difficult. While each form of media has its own strengths and weaknesses, understanding how it all comes together is key when creating a strategic foundation for your integrated online marketing campaign.


Owned Media

If you’re not fully leveraging your digital assets (e.g., your website, blog, social media channels, etc.), you’re probably leaving money on the table. No matter the asset – website, blog, social media profile, etc. – Digital Current helps you maintain your owned-media channels, creating additional avenues to attract customers at all stages of the buying process. Our real-time data-analysis tools and enhancement techniques allow us to minimize your bounce rates and maximize your lead conversion by combining our extensive research and technology with proven best practices. The result: lower costs and new customers.

Paid Media

Because it is easily scalable and provides quick results, many businesses jump head first into paid media without an understanding of the complexities and costs. If you aren’t generating more earned media and enhancing your owned media through your paid efforts, you’re doing it wrong.

We help you understand which customer touch points generate brand engagement and why. Our strategists use numerous real-time data-analysis tools, along with behavioral insights gleaned from your customer’s buyer persona, to give you a clear picture of why your customers are using certain channels. This allows Digital Current to consolidate your keyword information, focusing resources and dollars, lowering your monthly costs and reducing unnecessary ad spends. Our team uses this information to continuously fine-tune your campaign against your KPIs and metrics, giving you the real ROI that you need.

Earned Media

The equivalent of online word of mouth, earned media validates your content, driving traffic and consumer engagement while promoting a positive sentiment around your brand. Earned media can take time to grow and needs to align to best practices to ensure that you are driving traffic to the right part of your sales funnel and supporting the development of a healthy backlink profile and web presence.

By bringing together the most influential authors, thought leaders and media contacts, we execute your content ideation strategy to build a digital asset library of authoritative off-page content. Your brand advocates strategically promote your digital assets to your customers within their social spheres, watering holes, media outlets and circles of influence. This creates positive brand engagement in an authoritative, credible way, generating conversations around your brand and inspiring your customers to share, comment and link to you.

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