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Our Propel process paves the way for measurable marketing experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.


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So how do we live up to our “integrated marketing” promise? Our Propel process ensures strategic consistency and plans for ongoing optimization. Even better? It creates a framework for persona-specific marketing initiatives, combining multiple services into cross-channel campaigns that align with specific points along the buying journey.

Propel starts with intense brand and customer immersion — providing the foundation for a singular, all-purpose engagement brief — then moves through continual learning and optimization. Rinse and repeat!

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This is all about you and your customer.

  • Brand: We get to know your brand inside and out. What’s most important to you? What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your brand personality? What are the unique quirks of your industry that only an expert would know? What’s your favorite baked good? Yep, we want to know it all. And our fun, collaborative workshops help us get there.
  • Personas: Your brand is only half of it. It’s critical to know your audience just as well so we can find the touchpoints that meet your brand goals and the needs of your customers. Our personas aren’t the fictitious, fluffy wastes-of-time you might be familiar with (does it really matter that Suzy Shopper’s favorite movie is “Notting Hill”? No offense, Julia Roberts!). We get to the heart of what’s most important, giving us the insights we need to create moments that matter.
  • Journeys: Your customers aren’t frozen at a single point in time. They’re moving through life, engaging on multiple platforms, consuming gobs (technical term) of content, asking countless questions and feeling a range of emotions. Customer journey maps highlight key moments of opportunity. Because knowing knowing exactly when, where and how to communicate value will elicit the exact actions you want your customers to take.
  • Stack: Knowing your customers’ journey is one thing — knowing the tools you have available to create those actionable moments is something else. We review your existing martech stack so we can leverage these tools to the best of their ability. This also highlights gaps that may exist, helping us laser-focus on improving your brand touchpoints, eliminating friction and increasing conversion.


Engagement Brief

Our exhaustive immersion process produces a ton of valuable (dare we say critical) information that must be shared across multiple teams and channels. Our easy-to-use Engagement Brief is a go-to, comprehensive resource — one that won’t end up collecting dust in a desk drawer. It’s the cornerstone of every strategic recommendation we make and every tactic we employ. If it doesn’t tie back to our brief, it’s not right. And we’re dead-set on doing right by our clients.


Engagement Plan

With our Engagement Brief in hand, our subject matter experts are ready to create the fully integrated, cross-channel Engagement Plans dreams are made of. Other agencies create siloed marketing plans that may seem great on their own — but don’t support the full picture. And we’re all about looking at the bigger picture.

But the work’s not done just yet. “Set it and forget it” is great for crock-pot recipes (we’re partial to chili), but spells disaster for your marketing plan. We tackle Engagement Plan optimization through a dual, cross-functional method. First, our Channel Optimization ensures each marketing initiative is running on all cylinders. Is your SEO the best it can be? Is your content resonating? Is your email delivering value? Once we know what’s working for each channel, we incorporate those learnings transversely, across all efforts. This Personalized Learning Plan creates economies of scale no matter the tactic, for every persona, at every stage in their journey. It’s our way of ensuring holistic, never-ending optimization.


Get ready to Propel

We don’t just build digital marketing strategies — Propel allows us to curate a truly one-of-a-kind roadmap of how, when and where to interact with your customers. It creates a beautiful quilt of tactics, sewn together with quantitative and qualitative data that validates our unified understanding of your brand and your customers. And with ongoing optimization stitched right into the fabric of our approach, we always have an eye on tomorrow’s successes.


Whether it’s a custom marketing plan to grow your business, or a specific problem you need help with, we want to hear from you. A personalized mix of services can elevate your brand to new heights — and we’re here to guide you to the top.

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