You’ve done your best to drive qualified traffic to your website, but is your website doing its part to convert visitors to customers?

There are numerous reasons for potential customers to abandon the conversion process online. It can be something as simple as a weak call-to-action or as serious as a long and cumbersome purchasing process. Bottom line, if your website is failing to close sales, you risk throwing away marketing dollars and giving business to your competition. Removing opportunities or excuses for consumers to take their business elsewhere, our conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialists assess your conversion process, comparing it against research that outlines your target audience’s unique needs and online behavior. Digital Current has the conversion optimization services and expertise to make data-driven improvements to your online conversion process. Even modest improvements in your conversion rate can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Targeted Optimization

Conversion optimization is all about getting the right people to your website at the right time, with the right content and the right message producing the right behavior and maximizing your ROI. Digital Current’s methodologies combine buyer research and strategy to decrease your bounce rate and lead potential customers down a carefully crafted sales funnel. As part of our conversion optimization services, Digital Current’s SEO team will study who is visiting your site, how they arrived, what pages they viewed and why they did or did not convert. By improving your content, design, layout and site structure, and by eliminating technical problems, we will improve your conversion rate. Here are some of the elements of your site that we can improve:
  • Headlines
    The goal of any great headline is to grab the attention of the user, motivating him or her to keep reading. Headlines should hook your audience and drive them deeper into your content.
  • Visuals
    A great visual partners with your headline, grabbing your users emotionally; reinforcing your value proposition and drawing visitors further into your benefits – and eventually to your call to action.
  • Evidence
    Validating your brand or offering’s promise, evidence generally consists of a list of benefits or other copy that supports the claims you made in the headline. Evidence instills confidence in your brand and earns the trust of your consumers and potential customers.
  • Calls to Action
    Depending on the page and its business objective, it can contain either a form to collect data, a call to action (like a button to download a piece of content or a phone number to call), or both. These elements must be optimized to entice action. A form must not be so long as to discourage a user from filling it out, and a call to action must be worded in a manner that compels action.
  • Social Proof
    Other enthusiasts and advocates talking about you always builds more credibility than you preaching about yourself. Testimonials, recognizable badges, awards and other “sound bites” validate your brand, products and services.
  • Measure, Test, Rinse, Repeat
    Without data, it’s impossible to make smart decisions with clarity. Digital Current constructs a clear path through the data noise by taking the large amounts of data we collect and turning it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards featuring valuable insights that you can understand, absorb and act upon according to your chosen KPIs and business metrics. This enables us to adapt your content, A/B-test different variations and modify your campaign strategy in real time for maximum ROI results.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are often the first opportunity you have to reinforce your brand’s messaging and position. You want to reward visitors with the right balance between valuable content and promotion, while providing obvious steps and incentives for continuing through the conversion process. With years of experience in creating and split testing landing pages for our clients, we are familiar with the strategies and methods required for quickly building trust with consumers and motivating strategic business action.

Shopping Cart Optimization

Losing a lead during the checkout process is heartbreaking. You have done so much to get customers to your site and have nearly sealed the deal, only to have them slip through the cracks during the last few stages of the sale. Most businesses don’t understand the strategy and best practices that align with proper shopping cart optimization. Your job of providing value and reinforcing the consumer’s decision to do business with you doesn’t end when they hit the “add to cart” button. Our CRO experts evaluate your site’s checkout experience and provide you with a solution that nurtures consumers before, during and after the sale to ensure that you are minimizing shopping cart abandonment and capitalizing on the opportunity to gain future repeat business. Learn More Return to Offerings or Continue to Brand Advocacy