Content Promotion

The greatest content ever written doesn’t provide much value for your company if no one can find it.

Publishing and promoting content isn’t an automatic push-button task; it requires deliberate hands-on effort. Using our proprietary systems and link-development methodologies, Digital Current aggressively leverages its comprehensive list of relevant influencers, bloggers, webmasters and media outlets to promote your content and its value to your customers. Using keyword-monitoring tools, we proactively participate in your brand’s online conversation by creating and posting ebooks and infographics, fostering blog and forum conversation via comments and running paid campaigns within relevant social networks.

Social Sharing & Seeding

Digital Current employs social seeding to promote your brand’s digital assets on highly relevant platforms within your industry ecosystem such as blogs, social aggregation sites, social communities, content portals and messaging services. When a user shares your content, it creates a natural inbound link from their profile to your website, directly supporting your SEO.

Community Management

Digital Current uses community management to promote brand engagement and relationship-building with your target audience. Community Management provides us with valuable information about the people who buy your products and services. By feeding communities with ideas, trends and thoughts, Digital Current builds an active group of enthusiasts, encouraging them to generate content on your behalf, building more natural links back to your brand and sending more prospects to your sales funnel.

Guest Content

Guest content is a link-building methodology in which we prospect and develop strategic partnerships with publishers and blogging sites. Based on your content roadmap, Digital Current creates and publishes engaging content on those sites that contains links back to your brand’s website. Once the content is published, we promote each piece through social seeding. Guest-post links build trust with search engines because of the authority of the sites they are hosted on along with the overall quality, accessibility and utility of the content itself. Over the life of your campaign, guest posts can generate anywhere from a few clicks to several hundred, providing a long-term source of direct traffic and leads for your sales funnel.

Paid Seeding & Promotion

Today’s integrated marketing campaigns must use paid promotion in concert with other channels to maximize ROI and drive conversions. Digital Current provides you with continuously updated, analytics-based reports that help drive strategy, promote content and enable quick responses to both positive and negative sentiment. Whether we are using PPC efforts or running a sponsored content push through targeted social networks, we shape your search query-based campaigns, matching ads with what your target audience is actually searching for – increasing traffic, increasing impressions and increasing real leads for your sales funnel.

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