Content Mapping

Online audiences rarely cuddle up with a cozy blanket while wasting away lazy weekend afternoons reading your company’s blog or press releases.

With the volume of information available online, consumers aren’t interested in a long narrative starring your brand or offerings. They bounce from website to website, looking to be educated and entertained around specific topics or interests. Without a centralized strategy that unifies your content development and online marketing efforts around campaign-specific objectives, you risk losing potential customers as they move through a disjointed and meandering brand experience.

Assessing all content dependencies, research requirements, preferred content types and buyer personas, our strategists plot creative content topics along a deliberate and structured consumer journey. Tying each idea and piece of content to a centralized theme, content mapping ensures our efforts concentrate on your individual business and campaign goals, providing your potential customers a consistent story to follow no matter where they are in the buying process.


Success Requires Focus

Content mapping requires an intimate understanding of your potential customers and business. With buyer personas and competitive market research at its fingertips, our team uses the data to strategically select a theme to focus your digital assets’ development around. This theme acts as a central “tent pole” for your campaign, supporting your messaging and driving all potential leads toward a single point of action at the end of the buying process.

Content That Moves

No matter the type of content, or where it is published, every digital asset should tell a story that drives your potential customers back to a central, conversion-oriented theme. Purposefully designed to demand attention and encourage engagement, supporting content topics move your potential customer from one stage of the buying process to the next. Using data to understand what types of content support brand interaction, our strategists pair the right type of content with a topic that will capture target interest and generate the greatest consumer response.

Bring It All Together

Digital Current uses content mapping to reveal all relationships between each type of content and unique dependencies to properly manage all resources devoted to your campaign. Depending on the types of content we determine your customer wants to consume at each stage of the buying process, we map out what supporting content is needed, where it must be placed, how your audience will journey from one digital asset to the next, in what order these assets must be produced, and what campaign resources will be needed to support that content and the corresponding campaign goals.

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