Target Audience & Consumer Insight

There’s no secret sauce to good online marketing. Regardless of channel, mix or activity, all roads lead back to the personalized engagement between the brand and consumer.

It’s easy to get lost in industry buzzwords, new tools and theories, but great online marketing will always hinge on a brand’s ability to address consumers’ needs by efficiently and effectively engaging them at the right time and place. The best content, search strategy and creative design are just noise if you don’t have an intimate understanding of what motivates your consumers to click.

Utilizing sophisticated tools and research techniques, Digital Current tracks and reviews the data-rich breadcrumbs and clues your customers leave throughout the purchasing process, gaining insight into how and why your customers buy and interact with brands online. Once we understand what makes your customers tick, we segment your audience and break down the data to develop customized buyer personas that detail the demographics, psychographics and online behavior of your strategic consumers. This robust picture of your target audience becomes the cornerstone of all of our marketing activity, providing us with the intimate details required for creating smart strategies calibrated to your unique business objectives and target audience’s needs.

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