Asset Analysis

Squeezing the most return out of your online marketing budget requires your brand’s digital assets to work in harmony, supporting and assisting each other in driving increased rankings, traffic, leads and sales.

Just as you wouldn’t invest in a new business opportunity without performing your due diligence, our strategists perform a top-to-bottom, in-depth analysis of your brand’s digital assets, identifying gaps in your brand experience and overall online presence.

Our organic approach to asset analysis begins by using powerful research tools and proprietary audits to isolate potential opportunities. Once we know where to start digging, we cut our analysts loose, reviewing asset integration, engagement and optimization at the deepest levels. With all your chips on the table, we critically evaluate the limitations of your assets and develop a customized strategy for enhancing your online footprint with the goal of capturing more market share.



As the face of your brand, there are few online assets as valuable as your website. Our in-depth audits examine your site’s health, focusing on best practices and specific technical areas that are preventing your website or specific pages from ranking well with search engines. To confirm a smooth user experience and conversion process, we map out a visitor’s journey through your website, paying special attention to overall usability and the effectiveness of its calls to action.



Streamlined and unbiased, website analytical data provides us with the purest view into how visitors interact with your website. As seasoned web analytics experts, our research team evaluates recurring trends and patterns, examining components such as bounce rates, and where and how long visitors spend their time when visiting. We review the full conversion process to understand where users are receiving the most value – highlighting opportunities for improvement. We use traffic and referral source data to pinpoint the types of sites your visitors are coming from, focusing our efforts on building out and replicating successes found on similar websites.


Understanding how consumers engage with your brand during the purchasing cycle is the foundation of our content analysis. When content is properly aligned to strategic keywords and corresponding stages within your target audience’s purchasing cycle, your brand is established as a thought leader, while providing your target audience with a richer buying experience. Digital Current evaluates your overall content narrative, scrutinizing any identified gaps, and ensures that all of your content is easily accessible and optimized for search engines and reader consumption.


Social channels are easy-to-access portals for brand engagement. Your social profiles are powerful content publishing platforms that give you direct access to a captive audience that is hungry for more content around your brand’s offerings. Digital Current analyzes your social presence, evaluates the social habits of your target audience as well as your own social interactions and reviews the frequency, relevancy, volume and overall engagement of your posts and exchanges.

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