10 Amazing, Must-Have Tools for Enterprise-Level SEO

10 Amazing, Must-Have Tools for Enterprise-Level SEO Featured Image


Enterprise-level companies require more expansive tools to handle their SEO needs. We have put together a list of the 10 best SEO tools that will help larger companies boost their digital marketing efforts.


The great thing about search engine optimization (SEO) for an enterprise-level business is that you start, if not on third base, at least on first or second base. Most enterprise domains contain many pages that, with a little on-page optimization and link building, can easily make up ground in the rankings against competitors. Enterprises also have bigger budgets for SEO, so they can afford high-quality tools to accomplish their SEO goals.

Most enterprises find their own magical blend of outsourcing and in-house work when it comes to SEO. According to data from MarketingCharts, 81 percent of companies either exclusively outsource SEO or get strategy tips from SEO specialists while executing the work in their own marketing departments. If you’re going to do at least some in-house work, you need powerful enterprise-level SEO tools. Here are our top 10 picks to help you get the job done.

4 Complete Enterprise SEO Tools

A big company needs a complete tool that can perform research, execute tasks, and maintain SEO strategy. These four applications provide centralized, all-in-one SEO management for today’s enterprise-level marketing departments.

Best SEO Tools: seoClarity

1. seoClarity

seoClarity allows you to create customizable SEO dashboards that your entire marketing team can use. You can perform site audits and deep crawls to detect duplicate content and site errors.

For enterprises that segment business based on location, seoClarity offers a Local Clarity function enabling you to take advantage of local keywords. Use the Keyword Clarity tool to discover which of your domain pages can make the biggest SEO gains right now. Link Clarity will show you which pages need inbound links the most, and it will alert you to broken links and changes in page rank for connected domains.

Best_SEO_Tools - Linkdex

2. Linkdex

Linkdex, as you’d guess from the name, offers outstanding link-building tools. In addition to seeing which domains link to your competitors and your pages, you can jot down notes for each link you’re cultivating to show your team where you are in the process. If you’ve emailed a publisher, gotten a rejection from a webmaster, or tried to disavow a link, it’s all there.

In fact, one of the coolest Linkdex features, from a management perspective, is its task management capability. You can assign, check off, and communicate about separate SEO tasks all within one convenient dashboard. You can also use Linkdex’s powerful tracking and forecasting tools to see which optimization changes will make the biggest difference. Then, you can fine-tune your analysis down to the zip code.

Best SEO Tools: Brightedge

3. BrightEdge

BrightEdge offers a unique proprietary metric called Share of Voice, which is an overall measure of your visibility based on your local carousel, videos, images, links, videos, and e-commerce signals. This combination of factors helps you prioritize tasks as you tackle your SEO challenges, and it’s easier to use for teams with less SEO expertise.

Additionally, BrightEdge provides in-depth competitor analysis, giving you insights on the pages, page templates, and inbound links that are driving their search rankings success. You can use BrightEdge’s discovery tools to see which keywords are winners for your competitors as well as opportunities that you’ve underutilized. By integrating your domain analytics and social data with your SEO information, BrightEdge helps you create a 360-degree view of your digital marketing strategy.

Best SEO Tools: Conductor Searchlight

4. Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight leverages integrations with Adobe Omniture and Moz OpenSite Explorer to provide a complete, daily snapshot of your search rankings. It also provides tools for analyzing which content is most in demand, enabling you to create and promote content that impact your rankings.

In addition, Conductor Searchlight can help you identify easy changes that will improve page rankings. For example, if a page is ranking well for a keyword, but that page isn’t your preferred landing page, Conductor Searchlight will suggest that you add an internal link to your preferred landing page, using your keyword as anchor text.

You’ll need a team with some SEO knowledge to use Conductor Searchlight; although it suggests tasks and offers great insights on what to fix, it doesn’t always help you choose your top priorities. If your team is knowledgeable about SEO, they’ll appreciate the in-depth analysis as well as the beautiful user interface.

6 Tools for Specific Tasks

In addition to do-everything SEO platforms, your enterprise can use these lower-cost best SEO tools to supplement or replace certain aspects of your software solution. These are also great if you don’t want to go “all in” on one of the previous four SEO platforms just yet.

5. Inbound Links: Ahrefs

In addition to showing an accurate number of backlinks to your domain, Ahrefs provides detailed information including the page each link points to, the time when each link was last seen, and social signals associated with each inbound link. You can see which pages receive the most inbound links, identify specific days on which you earned the most backlinks, and identify broken links quickly.

6 & 7. Keyword Research: SEMrush & Google Search Console

The paid version of SEMrush shows you the position for which a keyword ranks, estimates the amount of traffic it’s driving to your site, and provides the keyword’s search volume. Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, offers great (and no-cost) behavioral insights, such as click-through rate (CTR), clicks, and impressions.

8. Broken Links: Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an oldie but a goodie that makes it simple to crawl your pages for broken links and canonical issues. You can also target sites to which you’d like to link, crawl their pages for broken link opportunities, and then contact the publisher to offer one of your URLs as a replacement.

9. Load Speed: WebPageTest

As machine learning makes search rankings more dependent on user behavior, page load speed is a factor you can’t afford to ignore. Paste your links into WebPageTest to see not only overall load time but also load times for specific page elements.

10. Local Search: BrightLocal

Again, for enterprises that depend heavily on geographical targeting, BrightLocal offers an all-in-one local dashboard. Track rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, monitor reviews, build citations, and audit Google My Business for each of your branch websites.

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If you need help choosing your own unique blend of the best SEO tools for enterprise-level companies, talk to a Digital Current SEO specialist. We can also assist with site audits and help you identify quick wins that will bring big traffic boosts.

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