Digital Current Appoints Wilcoxson to New Client Performance Engineer Position

Digital Current Appoints Wilcoxson to New Client Performance Engineer Position Featured Image

Innovative, Client-Focused Role Created to Optimize Client Experience & Performance

Mesa, Arizona, March 7, 2017 — Digital Current appointed Geoffrey Wilcoxson as the first Client Performance Engineer (CPE) for the digital marketing agency. Recognized as one of the top five marketing agencies in Arizona, Digital Current developed this unique position to provide clients with targeted, performance-based strategies and digital marketing campaigns that maximize performance within budget.

Wilcoxson, with 13 years of agency experience, has collaborated on digital marketing with internal stakeholders at Fortune 1000 companies. He is adept at translating technical jargon into understandable concepts for clients who are not technologically savvy.

“With Geoffrey working with clients, we know that decisions will be made from a level of understanding that is not generally available to clients of agencies through typical account management. With this role, we’ll develop better, client-focused strategies that deliver exceptional performance, mitigate risks, and find new opportunities. This is a collaborative process; Geoffrey will be working with clients to determine the best, customized solutions for their digital marketing needs,” says Troy Ireland, Digital Current’s CEO.

Digital Current’s new position’s concept works in conjunction with its Five Pillar Marketing Approach that emphasizes conversion optimization, content, search engine optimization (SEO), authority development, and engagement. Integrating these approaches creates a thorough client experience that encompasses more of the digital landscape.

The current focus of the new CPE position is to assist clients by:

• Adjusting digital marketing activities to achieve the client’s goals
• Increasing campaign effectiveness via structured communication with clients and internal teams
• Researching audience and competitive analytics to develop new strategies
• Addressing new challenges using strategic guidance and innovative ideas

As the CPE position develops, more responsibilities will evolve to better serve clients. Value for clients is the overriding focus.

Wilcoxson is responsible for using his analytic skills, coupled with his knowledge of digital marketing, to provide every client with a specialized plan that meets budgetary requirements and achieves success. As marketing goals change or accelerate, he will apply research and performance results to provide the most tailored solutions to achieve those goals. Budgetary considerations, project management, and the digital landscape of competitors will be factored into the decisions.

“It is a real privilege to join an organization with 14 years in the digital marketing space as we expand our integrated marketing solutions. I am excited about the opportunity of facilitating greater collaboration with our clients while having one singular goal: growing their business online,” says Wilcoxson.

Wilcoxson’s background includes service in the U.S. Marines, serving during Desert Storm. He graduated from Northern Arizona University. His previous position was as a principal strategy analyst at Ethology to assist clients with optimizing their digital marketing and web development strategies.

About Digital Current

Since 2003, Digital Current has helped thousands of businesses elevate their search engine optimization and digital marketing efforts through thoughtful strategy, quality content, thorough testing, and analytics-driven techniques. Located in Mesa, Arizona, the company employs more than 60 full-time SEO and digital marketing professionals who bring personalized and passionate service to each client.

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