How to Test if Google’s Latest Index Bug Affected Your Site

How to Test if Google’s Latest Index Bug Affected Your Site Featured Image

***Updated 5/23/2019

Google stated there is a bug that is preventing new pages from being crawled and indexed.

We always test against bugs and algorithm updates to make sure we understand what is happening and why. So, we’re using this post to see if the bug is only related to not showing pages indexed/crawled in the last hour. We’ve seen all other criteria thus far is still being indexed. We’re also wanting to see if this delays pages from being crawled.

So, what did we do to test this bug?

First thing we did when we saw all the chatter about Google having another bug and not indexing and crawling websites, we wanted to see if our site was still indexed.

We did the site operator:

We noticed our site is still indexed…no issues here.

Next, we went to Google Search Console and made sure Google can crawl our page. We tested our homepage, boom! Yes! It can still crawl and render our homepage.

Then we wanted to test what others were saying, new pages cannot be crawled or indexed.

We put this page up to test if it would get indexed.

Again, we went to Google and submitted the blog post to be crawled and indexed.

Here you can see what time and day it was submitted and fetched.

Then we wanted to make sure it was in Google’s SERPs.

And, YES! our page did get indexed instantly.

Google did come out late last night to say the bug has been resolved.

What should you do?

Even though Google and others called out there was a bug it seems it didn’t actually affect everyone. It is still smart to re-check your Search Console to make sure any new pages done in the past day (5/22) is reviewed or re-submitted to be fetched. If you ever need help from the experts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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