MozCon Day Two: Purpose, Maturity Models and Power BI

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Another day at MozCon and the knowledge keeps coming! With such an eventful first day, it was hard to imagine a second day on par; however, if anything, day two proved MozCon is prepared to step it up as the week progresses.

From beautiful scorecards to a colorful (and powerful!) closing presentation, here are the day two highlights:


Main Takeaway

Key Insights

Oli Gardner – Content Marketing Is Broken and Only Your M.O.M. Can Save You

  • Content is every experience we create, not just blog posts.
  • What’s wrong with this content experience?
    • Not designed with purpose
    • No meaningful data
    • Didn’t show the product
  • Visitors who converted demonstrated notably higher levels of interactive behavior.

Russ Jones – Lies, Damned Lies and Analytics

  • Cultivate an appreciation for data quality.
  • Bad information creates asymmetry; asymmetry creates advantage.
  • GSC — Google calculates position by impressions.
  • Search Console — More than 80% of crawled, not-indexed are in fact, indexed.
  • Keyword Planner — Data misleading volume data due to grouping.
  • Tip of the Day: As Google’s mobile-first indexing continues to roll out, check if your mobile site drops links using @rjonesx‘s super handy mobile/desktop link checker:

Mike Ramsey – The Awkward State of Local

  • March 9, 2018 — Non-geo searches became more localized.
  • 50%+ clicks go to paid ads.
  • 2018 — 48% of local map pack rankings also rank organically on page 1.
  • Pillars of Local Search:
    • Website
    • Links + shares + ads
    • GMB + local listings
    • Reviews + feedback

Alexis Sanders – The SEO Cyborg

  • SEO is about understanding how search bots and users react to an online experience.
  • SEO requires bridging the gap between search bots, people and our web experiences.
  • Technical SEO is like roots without a strong foundation; a site is like a tumbleweed.
  • Google does not instantaneously render all JavaScript upon crawling — it’s queued.
  • Sites in the larger click brackets correlate with higher crawl rates.
  • — try it!

Justine Jordan – Email Unto Others: The Golden Rules for Human-Centric Email Marketing

  • Irrelevant and unwanted email is the new spam in the eyes of both consumers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Top Email Marketing Trends + Priorities
  1. Personalization
  2. Improving accessibility
  3. Analytics and insights
  4. Building narratives/storytelling
  5. Being “more human”
  6. Focus on lifetime value
  • Create accessible emails.
  • Send a plain text version (Use multi-part MIME).
  • Use semantic elements.
  • This is a title in an email (Reset weird Outlook styling with mso-line-height-rule).
  • Use role=“presentation” (tells screen readers “this is not a data table”).
  • 50% of consumers say it’s easier to mark as spam than unsubscribe.
  • Look beyond vanity metrics like opens and clicks.
  • 54% of subscribers say they’ve felt tricked by a subject line.

  • Your email brief should include:
  1. Who should receive the message?
  2. What action should they take?
  3. Why will they take action?
  4. When should they receive the message?
  5. Where are they likely to read the message?

Heather Physioc – Your Red-Tape Toolkit: How to Win Trust and Get Your Search Work Implemented

  • Roadblocks seem to increase with the size and scale of the client.
  • Making smart recommendations that never get implemented sucks.

Casie Gillette – The Problem with Content and How We Fix It

  • Quality over quantity.
  • Two million blog posts published every day.
  • Content marketing is up 300%, but only 5% engagement.
  • Content is simply one piece of the strategy.
  • Two-thirds of all survey respondents reported not having needed content resulted in lost sales.
  • Customers care more about solving their problems quickly and easily.
  • Consumers were 131% more likely to buy after reading a piece of educational content.

  • Tools
    • = Keyword research for different channels (Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, app store)
    • Faq fox
    • = Keywords for Reddit based on subreddits
  • Focus on what matters.
  • Track Everything (Evergage, Visible)
    • In-content links
    • Navigation
    • Personalization
    • Banners
    • Byline links
    • CRM integration
  • Content production needs to be tied to goals!

Wil Reynolds – Bigger Data Requires Bigger Tools: How BI Helps You Tell Stronger Stories

  • for mac OS → Power BI
  • Keyword Research:
    • Focus on revenue (conversions), not search volume.

One Thing I’m Most Excited to Implement “Back Home”

Big … Bigger Data + PPC Conversion Data + Power BI


I was pumped for day two! I had so much fun live-tweeting the event on day one, virtually chatting with attendees and speakers alike — day two was going to be just as good. Plus, tweeting has been a great way for me to keep track of all the great information flying off the MozCon stage.

Day two started with some more swag (the official T-shirt, sa-weet), plenty of coffee, a nearby outlet — and I was ready to go!

Main Takeaway

PURPOSE! This was the resounding theme for me on day two. Oli Gardner talked about designing experiences with purpose; Justine Jordan talked about purpose-driven email strategy; Heather Physioc discussed a purposeful approach to building client trust that increases implementations; Casie Gillette nailed it with her presentation on the need for purposeful content; all the presentations could, in some way, be tied back to this main theme.

Key Insights

I really loved Mike Ramsey’s focus on local content and local content strategy:

Alexis Sanders had a geeky Voltron reference AND talked about user journeys?! I loved it:

Justine Jordan used one of my favorite Venn diagrams: the “user needs/brand goals” overlap, leading to “the magic”! I swooned:

Oli Gardner was right on the money when he talked about the connection between on-brand content and conversions:

Heather Physioc’s Search Capabilities Maturity Model was mind-blowing. As with many agencies, we struggle sometimes with implementation. But Heather was great about not letting us keep blaming the clients. WE’RE responsible for proving value and making sure we’re presenting information in the right way to implement (and drive results). This model (while time intensive) is so so so necessary:

While much of Casie Gillette’s talk was familiar to me (since we’re both content geeks), I had warm fuzzies seeing content strategy/marketing represented on the MozCon stage. Plus, she talked about a keyword tool that can pull Reddit keywords from subreddits, which I’m super-psyched to play with, if I can explain it to people:

One Thing I’m Most Excited to Implement “Back Home”

A couple of tool’s I’m excited to explore:

  • Heather’s Search Capabilities Maturity Model!

One Last Day …

We still have the third and final day of MozCon, so keep an eye out for continued tweets (@chowzer24, @DRJedi, @digitalcurrent) and a few recap posts right here on our blog and on our social channels (InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn) throughout this week and next!




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