3 Enterprise-Level Marketing Automation Tools: Which One’s Right for Your Company?

3 Enterprise-Level Marketing Automation Tools: Which One’s Right for Your Company? Featured Image

The larger your company, the more complicated your digital marketing becomes. Thankfully, there are automation tools available to simplify processes. These three tools are among the best.

Automating different aspects of the marketing process — sending emails with new content based on past user activity, automated social scheduling, tracking visitor behavior, etc. — can make an inbound marketer’s life a whole lot easier.

We’ve developed at-a-glance reviews of three popular enterprise-level marketing automation solutions: Eloqua, Marketo, and Pardot.


Automation Tools: Eloqua by Oracle

Eloqua by Oracle is the most comprehensive option. It develops all-encompassing profiles of visitors, and collecting and presenting data is incredibly detailed. Its reports aren’t the easiest to navigate, but if you need a metric, you’ll find it.

When it comes to plug-and-play integration with other programs, Eloqua offers more easy-to-use APIs than almost any other tool, but it doesn’t integrate with Google AdWords.

For businesses with highly segmented marketing workflows — think individual personalization — Eloqua is unmatched. Its drag-and-drop automation scenarios help you set up countless buyer journeys with simple lines and arrows for visualizing which actions trigger other actions.

Another bright spot is its HyperSite tool, which develops fast and easy microsites for your marketing campaigns. Both Eloqua and Marketo offer lead scoring, segmentation, and web activity tracking tools.


Automation Tools: Marketo

Marketo makes it easy to organize campaigns and content thanks to its easy-to-use folder system. It also provides excellent lead lifecycle and revenue-cycle models, which let you connect new customer revenue to the marketing program that first brought them on board, providing insight into whether your content strategy is working, along with your other inbound efforts.

Like Eloqua, Marketo lets you design a wide range of automated buyer journeys, but instead of using simple arrows, you use and/or/if rules when stacking your workflows. It also provides content calendar functionality, bulk social posting capabilities, and A/B testing of your landing pages. One big drawback of Marketo is that it doesn’t have great tools for landing pages and form design.

Marketo provides a strong library of training videos at no extra cost, and it offers more user licenses and a similar number of contacts as Eloqua at less than half the price. Both tools take a while to learn to use —user interface is a shortcoming for both — so it’s a good idea to invest in hiring consultants or trainers to help you get the most from either solution.

Marketo is a good middle-of-the-road marketing automation tool, providing strong enterprise functionality at a more budget-friendly price than Eloqua.


Automation Tools: Pardot by Salesforce

If you’re a Salesforce user, no other automation tool aligns your marketing, sales, and CRM teams better than Pardot. In addition, its user interface is more intuitive than Eloqua or Marketo, making it easier for your team to learn upfront.

Pardot also has good integration, as does Marketo, pulling data from social networks and integrating with content tools like GoToWebinar and SumoMe. Its ability to integrate lead forms into your web pages makes it highly practical for lead generation.

It’s easy to create drip campaigns in Pardot, but its conditional statements are more limited than Marketo’s and far less flexible that the open-ended possibilities you can construct in Eloqua.

If you’re focused on basic automation functions, such as building lists, constructing email campaigns, building landing pages, and integrating forms, Pardot is effective and easy to learn. Unfortunately, it’s not quite on par with Marketo, and certainly not Eloqua, when it comes to highly granular analytics.

Unlike Marketo, Pardot offers a trial period, during which your team can jump on a weekly call with a support specialist. Its pricing is comparable to Marketo, which makes it significantly less expensive than Eloqua. You also get a more transparent view of pricing without having to spend time on the phone with a sales rep.

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