Digital Current Goes to MozCon: A Tale From Two Perspectives

Digital Current Goes to MozCon: A Tale From Two Perspectives Featured Image

Keeping up with what’s happening in our industry should be a given. From webinars to blog feeds, meet-ups to lunch-n-learns, constantly staying open to learning more is one of the ways we bring clients the best recommendations (not to mention how we attract top talent).

In addition to local events and online education, national conferences are an invaluable resource for digital marketers. Meeting with fellow marketers over a short period of time with a unifying purpose (to learn more!) is a great way to refresh, get plugged in and expose yourself to new ideas. As part of our commitment to learning, Digital Current sent two team members to this year’s MozCon in Seattle, Wash. Director of SEO and Paid, Kevin Chow, is a return attendee, while Director of Content Marketing, Dustin Diehl, is a first-timer.

Here’s their unique perspectives on the 3-day conference ahead:

Kevin Chow:

This year will be my third time attending MozCon. This will be the first year Rand Fishkin won’t be an employee of Moz; I’m sure not too much will change, but I’m curious, nonetheless. The top three speakers I’m really excited to hear from are:

  • Wil Reynolds — I love digging into big data and want to see how his mind tackles PowerBI with Tableau.
  • Britney Muller — Machine learning is an exciting topic in our industry and I want to know how she’s using it now or wants to use it in the future. I know there are a lot of great aspects to it, especially if you tie it with Google’s NL API. There’s opportunity to start using it for predictive search to get better insights on your competitors.
  • Oli Gardner — Oli is someone I’ve seen present many times over the years and always find a few gems for helping my clients convert better.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and know I will learn a lot from all the other amazing speakers, but these are the big focuses for me at the current time.

Dustin Diehl:

I’ve been to many industry conferences in the past, but most of them have been focused on content strategy and content marketing. But as we’ve seen, SEO has become an integral part of any successful content strategy or marketing campaign, and vice versa. SEO and content are forever linked (for the better!), and clients will only get our best thinking if we integrate them seamlessly. Expanding my perspective and attending MozCon this year, a conference slightly outside my comfort zone, is an exciting prospect. I’m excited to see:

  • Amy Hebdon discuss the importance of smashing silos — This has been a key focus for Digital Current recently, and the results are already paying off. Hearing from Amy how including design, UX and content into the paid campaign process will give me some great tools to take back to the team.
  • Email get some attention — Justine Jordan’s talk on the “golden rules for human-centric email marketing” sounds like a winner! I’ve always thought email is one of the most powerful (and often underutilized) channels. Sounds like Justine agrees!
  • Content problems get solved — I’ve always hated the approach of “creating content for the sake of creating content.” It leads to poor quality, wasted time and (even worse) wasted money. Luckily, it sounds like Casie Gillette is ready to shed some light on the problem — and use data to posit a solution.

As Kevin said, I’m sure there will be many more insights, along with a few surprises — in fact, I’m counting on it!

Make sure to follow Kevin (@chowzer24) and Dustin (@DRJedi) on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all the MozCon 2018 happenings. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn and, if you’re attending the conference yourself, reach out — they’d love to meet with you!

Digital Current (@digitalcurrent) will also be live-tweeting the sessions and posting and reposting content from our team on the ground. So keep your eyes peeled this week for lots of great information.

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