Day Three MozCon-clusion: We’ve Got Lots to Do

Day Three MozCon-clusion: We’ve Got Lots to Do Featured Image

Just like the two days before it (make sure to catch up on day one and day two), the third and final day of MozCon was a whirlwind of incredibly smart presenters, mind-blowing insights and tons of takeaways.

There’s a lot to digest, but don’t worry — we’ll have some follow-up posts from members of our team dissecting specific topics and concepts and (more importantly) how we’ll leverage these insights to improve our processes and help our clients. In the meantime, let’s dig in to day three!


As with most conferences, by the time you get to the last day, you’re pretty beat. But MozCon still had a lot to offer, and didn’t let us get lazy! It certainly helped that the afternoon’s brainfood was provided by Top Pot Doughnuts (yee-um) — just enough sugar to get us through the final presentation before crashing hard as we headed to the airport.

The final day’s swag was an adorable Roger Mozbot figurine (check him out on the Digital Current Instagram); once secured, it was ready to settle in (along with my coffee) for another packed day of digital marketing know-how:

Main Takeaway

Machine learning is going to change digital marketing. It’ll change the world, too, but Britney Muller‘s opening talk made it clear that machine learning is affecting the work of digital marketers NOW. And while many in the digital space are talking about artificial intelligence, it’s really machine learning (a key component of A.I.) creating the foundation for the future.

Key Insights

As you’ll see later in this post, Kevin’s done a killer job breaking down each presentation into digestible bits, so I’ll keep it high-level:

  • Ashley Greene shared this amazing stat: “10+ hours of monthly customer research drives 30% more annual revenue growth.” Further proof that personas, user journey mapping and other audience-specific tactics aren’t just fluffy wastes of time. They focus your efforts in a way that increases your revenue.
  • As mentioned, Britney blew people’s minds with her machine learning presentation. Automated meta-data? Auto-generated reporting? Count. Me. In. (Plus, there was an adorable story of Linda the duck and her three ducklings that was just way too cute).
  • The concept of intent continued to be a theme, especially regarding voice search:

  • Dana DiTomaso dropped the mic with an amazing link to a post all about content engagement measurement (and event tweeted me some encouragement!):

One Thing I’m Most Excited to Implement “Back Home”

I’m going to be digging into this content so hard:


Main Takeaway

I honestly thought Britney Muller’s presentation on machine learning was for sure my main takeaway … but then the prodigy Michael King unloaded the truth about SEOs and what we need to do. I feel these two presentations take the cake. I will say one thing that got me really excited — Britney showed us ways we can automate alt-text and meta descriptions using ML.

Key Insights

Britney Muller – Machine Learning for SEOs

  • Codelabs — TensorFlow
  • ImageNet — Find tons of images for machine learning purposes
  • Chrome Plugin — Image Spark
  • Machine learning can help generate Insights automatically
  • What is machine learning?
    • Machine learning is a subset of AI that combines statistics and programming to give computers the ability to “learn” without explicitly being programmed.
  • Google Actions:
    • Trivia
    • Flash Cards
    • Personality Quiz
  • Dialogflow — Small Talk (keyword research for voice search)
  • Algorithmia — Pre-trained modules
    • Advanced Content Summarizer
  • Team that helped develop Britney’s ML example:
    • @jroaks – CodeSEO.IO
    • @graysonparks –
  • Colaboratory — Jupyter Notebooks (Python 3)
  • Kaggle — Great resource for data science competition forms

Darren Shaw – Convert Local Searchers Into Customers With Reviews

Tom Capper – Local SEO without Physical Premises

  • P.O. Boxes or post boxes located at remote locations are not acceptable
  • You could use a CTR curve and thousands of keywords
  • Even good SEO copy can be negative

Hannah Thorpe – SEO without Traffic: The World of Voice Search, Knowledge Graph, and Brand

  • 61% increase in “who/what/where/how” searches
  • 70% of searches are performed in natural language
  • Voice search uses a lot more words

Ashley Greene – Tools Change, People Don’t: Empathy-Driven Online Marketing

  • Empathy is the ultimate performance enhancer
  • Empathy drives top performance
  • Empathy-driven marketing drives the Three Big Cs of Performance — clicks, conversions and currency
  • 10+ hours of customer research monthly drives 30% more annual revenue growth

Michael King – You Don’t Know SEO

  • Based “You Don’t Know Javascript” by Kyle Simpson
  • The industry is so often wrong about how search works
    • Mobile-First
    • Structured Data
    • Speed
    • Content
    • Authority
    • Integrated-Search
  • Google adheres closely to http response codes:
    • 304 = not modified
  • SEOs should tell themselves “I need to learn how to use 304s on my site”
  • Use the 304 response code to manage your crawl allocation

Emily Grossman – What All Marketers Can Do about Site Speed

  • Marketing Principle Number Two Hundred Seventy One: Try not to piss off the people WHO MAKE YOU MONEY!
  • Speed update:
    • Impacts RANKING not indexing
    • Hurts SLOW pages
    • No BOOST to fast pages
    • Small number of queries impacted
    • The page that is judged is the page a user will see in mobile SERPs

Dana DiTomaso – Focused Reporting: Fewer Reports that Do More

  • Monitoring is data. Reporting is insight.
  • Monitoring is still important. But it isn’t a report.
  • Reports should tell you if you’re meeting your goals.
  • We measure what’s important to the company, not the customer.
  • We aren’t focused on helping our customers solve their problems as fast as possible.
  • We need to be customer centric.
  • This shift isn’t just desirable, it’s important.
  • Success isn’t measured in campaign cycles.
  • Start measuring content consumption:

Rand Fishkin – Why Nine out of Ten Marketing Launches Suck (and How to Be the One that Doesn’t)

  • Marketing Launches Can Include:
    • New Content (blog posts, guides, whitepapers, etc.)
    • New Product Offerings (physical, digital, services)
    • New Announcements (people/biz/news-related)
    • New Campaigns (targeting new audiences, telling a new story, shifting a brand’s message, etc.)
  • The Best Teams:
    • Feel comfortable crying in front of each other
    • Know they won’t be judged harshly or unfairly by their fellow teammates
    • Bolster each other’s weaknesses + compound strengths
    • Are made up of diverse people who share core values
  • The MVP Process Launch:
    • Creators identify a market problem
    • Creators design + build a solution that requires the least amount of time and expense
    • Creators launch the solution and iterate until it’s good enough to scale (product/market fit)
    • Marketers and product folks are hired to continue iterating and promoting
  • The EVP Process Launch:
    • Execs identify a market problem
    • Marketers, creators, customers and execs agree on the problem/product story that resonates
    • Creators design + build an MVP solution
    • Creators + marketers show customers a private beta, iterating until they’re thrilled with the product
    • Once customers are ecstatic, marketers proceed with the public launch

One Thing I’m Most Excited to Implement “Back Home”

I want to dig through Michael King’s deck for a week or two to go through all the tools and examples. But something I want to tackle quickly is using ML to automate meta descriptions and alt-text based on Britney’s tests.

That’s All, Folks! For Now …

Sure, MozCon may be over, but the learning has just begun. Our team on the ground will be sharing all the great presenter information with the rest of the Digital Current crew over the coming days and weeks. And keep and eye on our blog and social channels (InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn) as we continue to dig deeper into some of these trailblazing concepts, offering our own unique perspectives.

Until next time!




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