6 CRO Tools to Transform Your Website Into a Conversion Powerhouse

6 CRO Tools to Transform Your Website Into a Conversion Powerhouse Featured Image

Use these six CRO tools to test and improve your website’s conversion journey to increase sales and keep buyers coming back.

You may not realize it when you head to the grocery store or to the mall during Black Friday, but your shopping trips are planned for you in advance. That’s because retailers study their customers’ browsing and shopping habits meticulously. They methodically track how customers move through their stores. They also test different versions of displays and floor plans to see which generate more sales.

Take a page from the retail playbook, and start experimenting with your website. Understand how visitors behave, and test different elements to see which earns you the most conversions. These six conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools can improve your site’s conversion journey, transforming casual visitors into loyal, paying customers.

3 Tools for Tracking How Visitors Explore Your Site

These CRO solutions provide insight into visitor movements on your site and more, empowering you to position your best assets where visitors want to see them.

1. Feng-GUI


Feng-GUI identifies the visual elements on page that should attract the most visitor attention, based on machine learning and predictive analytics. You paste your URL into Feng-GUI, and the web app shows you which visuals your visitors are likely to prefer and in what order they’ll be viewed.

Feng-GUI gives you a good initial evaluation of your website based on how visitors behave on a large sample of websites, but it doesn’t track actual visitor behavior.

2. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg does one thing very well: Heat mapping. You set it up with just a small snippet of code added to your webpages, and then you paste the URL into Crazy Egg to monitor target pages. You’ll see where people click and how they scroll, and you can even segment user patterns by referral source as well as track which visitor patterns more often correlate with completing the conversion task.

3. Hotjar


For larger organizations, Hotjar offers a range of CRO tools, including heat mapping, individual session video recordings, conversion funnel analysis, and form abandonment analysis. If your visitors never look at your left-hand menus, or if they’re getting all the way to the cart stage but never actually complete a purchase, Hotjar can help you identify the pitfalls and hone in on what you need to fix.

One big advantage of Hotjar is pricing. Most heat mapping and CRO tools charge according to visitor volume, but Hotjar issues the same licensing for unlimited visitors. It also bundles in polls and surveys so you don’t have to integrate with outside applications and pay more to get feedback from visitors.

3 Tools for Testing Your Pages

Test different value propositions, CTA buttons, landing pages, and other visual elements with these three CRO tools.

4. YoRocket


The YoRocket WordPress plug-in, available with a subscription, helps you write compelling title tags before you hit “Publish” to not only earn more search traffic but also get more conversions once visitors reach your page. When you enter your title tag into the plug-in, it advises you on different word choices and other elements designs that can make your titles more click-worthy and informative.

5. Google Analytics


Google Analytics lets you set up multiple A/B testing experiments, from click-tracking to sales and revenue performance. Its terrific reporting options for conversion testing and behavior flow analysis — and the fact that it offers many robust tools for free — makes Google Analytics a great resource for almost any organization. Google Analytics Experiments gives you control over the type of conversion action you want to test and how much traffic should be involved.

6. Optimizely


In addition to offering experimentation not only for websites but also for applications, devices, and channels, Optimizely has expanded from simple A/B testing to delivering full-on automated personalization. With an enterprise-level tool like Optimizely Personalization, you can set a few campaign parameters, identify key customer segments, and immediately initiate personalized experiences for each visitor. You can also monitor the effectiveness of automated personalization to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Take Your Website From Placeholder to Powerhouse

To achieve your conversion goals — build an email marketing list, increase readership, get customers to download something, persuade visitors to make a purchase — you need to do what retailers have been doing for decades.

Getting traffic is only half the battle. With these six CRO tools, you’ll transform more visitors into customers, and you’ll make your website competitive both today and in the future.

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