Conversion Optimization Tips: Humanize Your Website

Conversion Optimization Tips: Humanize Your Website Featured Image

Struggling to convert visitors? Including engaging images of people throughout your website could really help make it stand out.

For one thing, they help us relate just a little bit better. And if you think about it, your services and products are pretty useless without those people who are actually using them.

By nature, we want to see what others are doing. We use other people to mirror the experiences that we want to have.

That’s not all they do. Beautiful people and celebrities also create what’s known as the “halo effect,” giving the sense that your products or services are really good.

Below are a few reasons why you should use images of people to enhance your visitor’s browsing experience.


People Help to Convey Emotions

Your visitors can see the products on your product pages. They can read the features and specs. But can they actually see how purchasing these products will make them feel?

Face it. Whether you like it or not, most purchases are actually based on emotions.

If you really want to tap into those emotions and increase your conversion rate — show your visitors how other people feel using your products or services.

Take a look at the image below. Human Touch could just as well have showcased images of their recliners.

But doesn’t the woman sitting in that chair look cozy and relaxed?

Human Touch Conveying Emotions
via Human Touch

Don’t you want to feel the way she does?

Or those families that you see laughing and enjoying their vacation on the beach. Would it create the same effect to just show travel spots when selling vacation packages?

These emotions can be conveyed really well in the faces and body language of the images of people that you include on your website.

Without them, your products and services could feel a little flat.


People Help to Showcase Products

Another thing that people do really well is help to showcase your products and services. They’re able to show them in action.

A snapshot of a dress on a hanger won’t have the same effect as one worn and modeled by an actual person.

Displaying it worn by an actual person lets your visitors see how the item will actually fit on the body.

Not to mention that there’s a reason why businesses use very attractive models to model clothing. It makes the viewer feel that they too will look this great in the clothing.

Take a look at the image below. Due Maternity added technology that would spin the models wearing their clothing 360 degrees. This way, how the apparel fits could be seen at every angle.

via Due Maternity
via Due Maternity

In adding this technology, Due Maternity was able to see a 27 percent lift in conversions.

It also helps to add video of people actually using your products and services in a demonstration. What better way to sell it than to show it in use?

Without people showing your products or services in action visitors will have to guess and hope that it works for them. Not everyone is willing to take that chance.


People Help to Increase Credibility

We’ve mentioned the importance of testimonials. And we’ve pointed out that adding images of the people making the testimonial boosts the credibility of the testimonial.

PubMed proved this theory in an experiment. Participants were shown celebrity names that were both unfamiliar and familiar. They were asked to respond with either “true” or “false” when told “This person is alive” or “This person is dead.”

When the celebrity name was accompanied by an image of that person, participants were more likely to respond that the statement was true. It didn’t matter if they were told the person shown was alive or dead.

This suggests that adding images did not sway participants to answer whether the celebrity was really dead or alive. But rather, it led participants to believe that the statement that they were being told was truthful.

This is a perfect example of how images of people make things more believable.


Show the People Behind Your Business

There will always be a percentage of people who want to learn more about the people behind an e-commerce website.

Some businesses don’t think an About Us page is all that important. But you’d be surprised to see heat maps that show just how many people are clicking on About Us buttons.

Don’t forget to add photos to this page. Adding photos of the key members of your business and staff helps to personalize your business. It also helps to add credibility that your business is real.

One business conducted a split test to do just that.

Medalia Art decided to show the artists behind the paintings that they sold.

They conducted a split test in which they swapped out the artist’s painting with an actual image of the artist.

As you can see below, the artist’s name is accompanied by one of their paintings.

via Medalia Art
via Medalia Art

However, in the test page, they put an actual photo of the artist beneath the artist’s name.

via Medalia Art
via Medalia Art

The test page with the photo of the artists won the split test, raising conversions by a whopping 95 percent.

There are other ways to include the people behind your website.

Have you ever started a live chat session and just felt like you were interacting with a robot? It’s hard to feel like you are having a personal interaction when you can’t even see or hear the person with whom you are interacting.

You can increase the personalization of your live chat experiences by adding a photo of the live chat operator.

The example below is a great way to show visitors who they are talking to.

via LiveChat
via LiveChat

It helps your visitors feel like they are talking to a real person.

Using photos in live chat isn’t the only way to make communicating with your business feel more personal.

Jason Thompson tested two different versions in which visitors could make contact with him.

The first version was a simple phone icon:

via VWO
via VWO

The second version displayed an image of Jason:


This second version yielded Jason a 48 percent lift in contact conversions.

So let your visitors get to know the people behind your business. It will make the whole experience more real for them.


How to Use Images of People to Your Benefit and Not Detriment

Now that we’ve shown you how important it is to incorporate people into your website’s marketing message — it’s even more important to know how to use them to your benefit and not to your detriment.

Yes, there are instances when an image of a person could have a negative effect on your marketing message.

But how you say?

People are naturally drawn to other people’s faces. So much so, that they may miss your marketing message altogether.

Take a look at the eye-tracking image below.

UsableWorld Eye Tracking
via UsableWorld study

Notice how the red area indicates that most of the visitor’s eye focus is given to the baby’s face. And less attention is given to the actual copywriting to the right of the baby.

That’s a problem.

Now look at the image below using the same baby and the same copywriting.

Usableworld Eye-Tracking Study
via UsableWorld study

As you’ll notice, this time attention is not only given to the baby but also to the line of sight in which the baby is looking.

This is an example of how to use people effectively. People are not only naturally drawn to people’s faces; they are also extremely curious to see what other people are looking at.

Use that information to your advantage.

If you put your marketing message right in someone’s “line of sight,” they will be automatically drawn to it — and compelled to read it.



We’re all human. And our best interactions come when other humans are present in some form.

Images of people add a little bit of company to what would otherwise be a lonely online shopping experience.

They help to convey emotions, to add credibility, to showcase products, and to get us familiar with the people behind a business.

When used appropriately, these image conversion optimization tips can really draw visitors into your marketing message.

So if you’re leaving images of people out of your website’s marketing mix — you’re really leaving your very shoppers out of the equation.

Find a way today to incorporate people and humanize your website.

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