How to Find the Right People to Create Your Content

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One of the biggest issues that businesses run into with content marketing is finding the right people to manage content marketing, from development to promotion. Fortunately, there are lots of options, from bringing people in-house to relying on outsourced help from an SEO agency. In this post, we’re going to look at the types of people you need to hire, and how to determine whether they should be in-house or outsourced.

Building Your Content Team

Roles Within Your Content Team

First, let’s look at the important roles that need to be fulfilled to make up the perfect content marketing team for any business. Depending on the size of your business and the volume of content your business needs to produce, two or more roles may be fulfilled by one member of your team.

The Content Manager

The head of your content marketing team will be the content manager. This is the person who oversees all aspects of the content strategy development and marketing process. The content manager will generally establish the content marketing plan for your business and measuring its results. They will likely do the following:

  • Research trends in the content marketing world to ensure your business is using the best strategies.
  • Monitor competitors to ensure your business is creating the type of content your current and potential customers want.
  • Work with others in your business to make sure the content plan aligns with other marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Create an overall plan of what type of content needs to be created and how often it needs to be published.
  • Set up analytics to track the results of your content marketing plan, analyze the data, and report it.

The Content Editor

The editor of your marketing team is just that — the editor. This is the person who will manage the content creators, designers, and promoters. They will likely do the following.

  • Create a content calendar that outlines specific due dates for first drafts, first-round editing, revised draft reviews, creatives, and promotions.
  • Manage and edit the content from content creators.
  • Prepare and publish the final drafts of content.

The Content Writer

The content writer(s) on your team will be responsible for crafting the text needed for your content marketing plan. They will write blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, press releases, video scripts, interview questions, emails, and so forth. Typically, they will work on topics specified by the content manager or editor, or they will work on topics that will appeal to the target audience of the business (i.e., current and/or potential customers).

The Content Designer

The content designer on your team will work on creating custom images, infographics, video animation, etc. for each piece of written content.

The Content Promoter

Last, but not least, is the content promoter, or the person responsible for promoting your content. This is a vital role in the sense that if no one sees your content, you won’t be able to achieve your content marketing goals. Generally, if you bring in writers who have established audiences, they will be happy to promote the content they create. You can even take it a step further and encourage all of your writers to promote everyone’s content equally.

How to Hire Your Content Team

Now that you have a good idea of the roles you need to fill on your content marketing team, you need to decide how to hire them — as a part-time employee, full-time employee, or freelancer.

Hiring Employees Dedicated to Content

Your first option is to hire employees dedicated to your content marketing strategy. You may choose to start with someone who handles all of the roles at first, especially if you have a smaller company. Then, you can expand to bring in additional writers to work under your now dedicated content editor and manager.

Hiring Employees Who Also Can Help With Content

Your second option is to hire employees who fill other roles within the company, but are also great content writers. This will allow you to have more contributors to your content strategy early on, and give you the flexibility to change the focus of your employees on content or revenue-generating projects when needed.

Hiring Freelancers

Your third option is to hire freelancers to complete your content marketing team. While you would ideally like to have your content manager as an in-house, full-time employee, you could easily use freelancers for content writing and design. This would allow you to test the waters with content writing without having to train and set up benefits for a part-time or full-time employee.

If your content needs increase, you can always decide to hire an employee down the road, or to hire more freelancers. If your content needs decrease, then you can choose to lower the number of projects you give to your freelancers.

About Guest Contributors

A fourth option if you don’t have the budget for content is to bring on guest contributors. While there are many quality writers who are willing to write content for a site just for exposure, there are several significant things to consider.

  • Do you want others to promote themselves within your business content? While it’s great to give your audience different viewpoints, it also gives your audience another reason to leave your website.
  • Do you (or your content manager/editor) have the time to sift through content submissions to ensure they are 100 percent unique and meet your content standards? Once you open the door to guest contributors, you also open the door to all of the spam submissions that come along with the territory.
  • Do you have enough traffic to your website to make it worthwhile for people to contribute content for exposure? The top writers looking for exposure will only consider websites that already have an established audience.

One thing you can do to encourage quality guest contributions is to hire writers who have a large audience and have them write under their own names, complete with an author bio. This will help boost the popularity of your blog, build an audience, and encourage more people to contact you about becoming a contributor.

Qualifications for Content Creators

When it comes to hiring content managers and editors, you will mostly have to rely on their years of experience and recommendations. For content creators — writers specifically — your best bet is to hire based on their portfolio of work. In particular, find people whose work already meshes well with your business’s tone and interests. Find those who are not just expert writers, but those with experience writing in your industry.

In addition with writers, look for those that have an established audience. Most will be happy to promote their work, allowing your business to gain exposure with a new audience. As your number of writers grows, encourage them to share each other’s work so that everyone will benefit from a successful content marketing strategy.

In Conclusion

As you analyze your content marketing goals, you should be able to identify the key roles you need to fill to create the ultimate content team. By choosing the right combination of employees, freelancers, and contributors, you can ensure that you never run out of quality content for your business.

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