6 Free Social Media Tools to Make Your Posts Stand Out

6 Free Social Media Tools to Make Your Posts Stand Out Featured Image

It’s not easy to catch a reader’s eye on social media, but with these six free social media tools, you have a better chance of drawing attention to your content.

If you think it’s tough to stand out on social media, you’re right, but just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The secret is to share more visual content to stand out from the crowd. Try these free tools to create visual content for social media.

1. Easel.ly

What it does: Easel.ly provides drag-and-drop tools for simple infographics.

How to use it: Share infographics on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Easel.ly offers a good set of free templates for on-the-spot infographic creation. With its pro subscription, which costs just $3 per month, you gain access to more fonts and professionally designed templates.

Easel.ly Infographic

2. Canva

What it does: Canva provides graphics templates sized for multiple social networks. You’ll find templates for Facebook cover images, Twitter profile banners, and gorgeous visuals for Instagram and Pinterest.

How to use it: Use it to create still graphics to share on any social network.

An important reality check about social media: a point made visually packs a much bigger punch than anything said with text alone. With Canva, you can give the simplest words a visual boost. Just choose a background and then drag and drop shapes and text to complete your image.



3. PlaceIt

What it does: PlaceIt uploads images and then adds them to stock photo scenes.

How to use it: Images created with PlaceIt are great for social media cover photos or profile banners. They’re also great for posts or even ads in which you want place your product within a still image.

With PlaceIt, you can take any existing image and transpose it into a stock photo scenario. For example, you could place a screenshot of your website on an iPad screen or add your logo to a coffee cup in a café scene.

iPhone image (without icons) by Gavin Llewellyn from Flickr.com

4. Storify

What it does: Storify gathers social media posts using certain hashtags or keywords and creates a page where people can see all posts at the same time.

How to use it: Create stories around events, conferences, promoted hashtags, or breaking news and share them on any social network.

With Storify, you can drag and drop the best social media posts bout any subject and create a virtual bulletin board. Publishers can use Storify to break news, or businesses can use it to showcase photos and testimonials either after or in anticipation of an important event.

image by Ron Mader from Flickr.com

5. CloudApp

What it does: CloudApp creates images, GIFs, and videos, which you can share instantly from your screen.

How to use it: Pull segments from videos to share on Facebook, create GIFs to share on Vine or Tumblr, or grab screenshots to share instantly on any network.

With CloudApp, you can instantly clip video segments to make a GIF or short video snippet, either by uploading video or recording video that’s playing on your screen. You can also take screenshots, add comments or other elements, and then immediately share images to your social networks.

6. PowerPoint

What it does: You’ve already used PowerPoint to create slides, but you can also use it to create infographics.

How to use it: Create presentations to upload to SlideShare, which you can then share on social networks or embed in your blog posts. Also, use PowerPoint to create custom infographics in lieu of premium tools.

Creating infographics with PowerPoint is as easy as creating a presentation slide, and it’s a great option if you want something more customizable than Easel.ly but not as complex and expensive as Adobe Illustrator. Change the slide’s orientation to Portrait, and adjust the width to about six inches. Then, drag and drop images and text to make your infographic.

Presentation image by Alejandro Correa from Slideshare

Go Visual to Stand Out

Adding more visual elements to your social media shares will increase engagement and attract more people to your content. You’re competing against tens of thousands, even billions of other social media posts every day. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to stand out from the crowd with these free social media tools.

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