5 Digital Marketing Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Digital Marketing Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss Featured Image

In the age of information, where seemingly anything is available at our fingertips and any question under the sun can be answered by a quick Google search, it can be a bit intimidating for a business owner or marketing professional to single out a resource for continuing education or general curiosity in the digital marketing space. Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way to gain insight into the ever-changing marketing technology industry, and can also serve as a great way to learn tips and tricks for marketing your business. But which digital marketing podcast should you choose? To help narrow the search, we researched several of the most popular digital marketing podcasts available today and — countless hours of listening later — settled on five podcasts that do a great job of covering a variety of topics, including martech, digital marketing, business development and more. Let’s get started!

1. Duct Tape Marketing

Hosted by John Jantsch, “Duct Tape Marketing” is an interview-style podcast that does an excellent job combining specific tips and tricks for developing digital marketing strategy, as well as overall business philosophy. With episodes ranging anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes in length, this is a great one to dive into on your way to and from the office, on your lunch break or, if you’re a skilled multi-tasker, at your desk. This podcast focuses on the fundamentals of digital strategy like “Local SEO for Lead Generation,” but also dabbles in broader, more philosophical topics such as “Questioning Best Practices to Do Great Work.” Easy to follow and well-organized, anyone from the greenest of marketers to the most seasoned of business tycoons will enjoy this podcast.

2. A Shark’s Perspective

Out of all of the podcasts on this list, Kenneth Kinney and “A Shark’s Perspective” takes the cake in terms of guest interviews. With a wealth of CEOs and top marketing professionals, this podcast tackles big topics like AI and martech from the perspective of the people that have demonstrated tremendous success in these areas. This is the podcast for the listener looking to learn insider marketing tricks, straight from the horse’s mouth.

3. Marketing School — Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

“Marketing School” is the podcast for you if you’re looking for digital marketing 101 on the broadest range of topics. With episodes typically lasting only five minutes, a lot of ground can be covered in a very short amount of time. With a particular focus on search engine optimization (SEO), this podcast also touches on everything from LinkedIn and Facebook ads, to lead generation and content marketing strategy, all with entertaining quips from hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu sprinkled in.

4. The Digital Marketing Podcast

One of the lesser-known podcasts on the list, Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles host their aptly named podcast, “The Digital Marketing Podcast.” While they highlight broader topics like “Creating Engaging Digital Advertising,” we find the most value in their more specific episodes, like “5 Google Analytics Reports You Should Probably Ignore” and “Awesome Competitor Benchmarking Tools.” Plus, who isn’t a sucker for a British accent? “The Digital Marketing Podcast” best serves listeners who are currently in a professional marketing role and are looking to further their knowledge in the digital space.

5. Boss Up Academy

Formally called “Broke-ass to Badass,” “Boss Up Academy” is hands down the most entertaining podcast on the list. Aimed toward aspiring entrepreneurs, Boss Up Media Founders Kimi and Pua put a fun spin on the topics of digital marketing and growing your brand. Topics range from “How to Plan Your Week Like a Boss,” to “How to Create and Market a Badass Online Course.” A few episodes of this podcast will have you inspired to quit your 9-to-5 and start your own business empire!

Creating Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy

Hopefully these podcast recommendations inspire you to dig deeper into your digital marketing efforts. If you’re looking to grow your business and you’re interested in speaking with a digital marketing expert about how digital marketing can help you accomplish your business objectives, contact us today.



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