Professional SEO Analysis Services

Your website should work hard for you by attracting visitors and convincing them to become your customers. Our SEO analysis service helps you identify what’s working — and what’s not — related to your company’s online presence. We break down the on-page factors, off-page activity, and competitor strategies affecting your company’s search rankings. After our SEO audit, you’ll have a clear strategy for improving your search engine presence. You’ll also discover opportunities to improve site elements, which gives you the power to turn more visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing & SEO Website Analysis

A search engine analysis lays the groundwork for revamping your digital marketing approach. We start by talking to you about your goals and understanding who your customer is. Then, we investigate how your current customers find your website and what entices them to convert.

On-Site Content

Nothing matters more to search engines than high-quality content. Our SEO audit starts with an evaluation of the content on your site. Some of the issues we review include:
  • Many website have incomplete copy, or they have a small amount of copy compared to higher ranking competitors.
  • We analyze whether the content on each page clearly communicates to search engines what the page is about.
  • If your company utilizes duplicate content on multiple pages or sites, you could incur a search ranking penalty.
  • You might be placing valuable content within popups, frames, or images, rendering great content virtually invisible to search engines.

Inbound Link Profile

You’re known by the company you keep, and so is your website. Search algorithms interpret inbound links as votes of confidence from each site providing a link. When great sites link back to your business website, your domain is associated with quality. If low-authority or spammy sites link back to you — or if no one links to you — search algorithms aren’t as likely to recommend your website. When we audit SEO for our clients, we build a picture of all existing inbound links. We make recommendations for building links of higher quality and removing links that hurt your rankings. In addition, our SEO audit tells you which inbound links drive the most traffic to your site. We’ll help you capitalize on your best referral sources, making the most of your digital marketing efforts.

Site Structure Evaluation

In addition to examining your keywords and link profile, search engine crawlers evaluate how well your site is put together. After a site structure SEO audit, we’ll provide tips for restructuring your site, both at the page and domain levels. We’ll dive into the structural factors that affect search rankings, including:
  • Clean code structure
  • URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Problems with anchor text and internal links
  • Unnecessary use of Flash and JavaScript
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Page load speed
  • Ease of navigation
Great site structure isn’t just about pleasing search engine bots. It’s about creating a positive, seamless, and memorable customer experience. When your page loads slowly, customers will look elsewhere for a more convenient place to shop. They’ll bounce away from your website more often, which will suggest to search algorithms that your site doesn’t satisfy their search queries. Digital Current will help you create a site structure that search engine crawlers can easily analyze. At the same time, you’ll craft a website your customers will visit again and again.

SEO Competitor Analysis

An SEO audit of just your website provides an incomplete digital marketing picture. It’s crucial to also know what your competitors are doing online. Our SEO competitive analysis reveals which keywords and referral sites send traffic to your competitors. It shows you what your competitors do well and identifies opportunities to win their customers over. By learning both what does and doesn’t work for your competitors, you’ll identify best practices and avoid costly mistakes. You’ll also gain insight into competitor strategies before they become obvious, exchanging reactive marketing for proactive initiatives.

Work With Us

SEO strategies are as fluid as the marketplace. Today’s marketplace, thanks to technology and globalization, changes faster than ever before. Through over a decade of SEO analysis and optimization experience, we’ve learned to respect certain timeless SEO principles. At the same time, not every formula offers the same successes for each company. In addition to delivering a one-time SEO prescription based on your SEO audit, we test, revamp, and test again. You emerge with a nuanced, personalized, and proven SEO strategy for your business. Our data analysis expertise, SEO industry experience, and commitment to learning set us apart from other digital marketing agencies. Let the Digital Current team make your website work hard for you.