Media Relations

Going beyond traditional link acquisition and content placement methods, Media Relations amplifies your online marketing efforts, earning link placements and generating brand awareness from some of the web’s most authoritative media outlets and sites.

Journalists are under pressure to create more content and newsrooms no longer have the resources to cover all the stories they’d like to, media outlets are opening the door to brands and expert contributors to assist with story and content creation. Rewarding brands with authoritative, natural backlinks and powerful brand exposure, this collaborative content development process requires a media-savvy partner who knows how to get their foot in the door, understand journalists’ specific needs and has the skills to pitch the right ideas.

Digital Current’s Media Relations team utilizes traditional public relations methodologies along with proprietary outreach processes to establish strategic working relationships with professional journalists, publishers and other key media professionals to secure content promotion through authoritative and target-audience-relevant online publishers. More than just exciting public exposure, Media Relations offers a combination of powerful online benefits, rarely found in a single, cost-effective service.

  • More Traffic

    Citing your brand and online assets as legitimate resources for their stories and articles, publishers reward your contributions to their efforts with natural backlinks. Earning backlinks from trusted online sources increases your brand’s online authority and boosts your content’s ranking power in the search engines. Adding to your traffic-generation efforts, visitors are motivated to click directly through to your content and website to find more information and learn more about the thought-leaders who provided valuable insight within a high-profile story.

  • Increased Credibility

    Validating your content and reinforcing your brand as an industry influencer and thought-leader, links and citations to your online assets are seen by readers, the search engines and your target consumers as a vote of confidence from a valued authority. This builds consumer confidence in your brand, boosting sales and your bottom line.

  • Greater Visibilty

    Media Relations puts your brand center stage by transforming static news into conversations speaking directly to your target audiences. Because prospective buyers, clients and partners perform due diligence during the buying process, having the online reputation to support your business makes the difference between an incoming lead or a phone that doesn’t ring. You can fulfill business objectives and KPIs by having a media relations team in place, building positive online search results filled with targeted media coverage.

  • Social Engagement

    With a hyper-focus on delivering great stories to their niche audience, online publishers and journalists reap the benefits of an active social audience who loves to share and engage with their content. These journalists share your content, links, announcements and information through their social networks platforms, further promoting your brand and encouraging followers to click through, like and share your online assets.

Always on the lookout for the next big story, our Media Relations team has successfully worked with some of the most reputable and recognizable media outlets online. Here are just a few of the places we’ve earned coverage for our clients:
Media Relations Placement Success

How Does It Work?

It all starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and assets. We take a holistic look at clients’ buyer personas and the avenues to deliver content to those personas (i.e. via digital journalists), and we custom-create content to appeal to those avenues. We perform in-depth research and media monitoring/analysis within your industry and against your competitors. Then, we obtain a full understanding of your media landscape. By crafting custom-tailored messages to pitch to hand-selected journalists, we can offer expert insight into an upcoming article, providing assets such as images, quotes, stats and product trials, or we can produce entire articles.

During your campaign, we monitor brand sentiment through social, news and online brand listening. Based on what we learn, we adapt our content creation strategies to maximize positive social conversations and generate more quality traffic. Based on your editorial calendar and content strategy, we submit these materials to targeted media outlets, publishers, journalists and other media professionals, promoting you as an expert within your field. This results in more organic links back to your website, increasing demand, traffic and lead conversion.

Media Roadmap

Early in the campaign process our media relations team performs in-depth research, media monitoring and analysis within your industry. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape within your industry, who your target audience pays attention to and what your competitors are doing. This research is used to create your media relations plan, including your media roadmap, which helps drive new content creation and promotion.

Media Kit Development

Our Media Relations team uses its research about your brand, your target audience and your competition to build a media kit. This media kit is used to educate journalists and influencers about your brand and customers. It is also an excellent tool to showcase how you can contribute to the industry as an subject matter expert.

Content Partnerships

Digital Current works with media outlets and other websites to build partnerships and assist them as they cover stories within your industry. Our team provides them with in-depth information, research, experts and visual assets to enhance and extend their stories.

Blogger Relations

Many former journalists are now bloggers. There are also hundreds of thousands of bloggers writing passionately about every subject under the sun – including topics related to your industry. Digital Current seeks the right bloggers and builds relationships with them.

Influencers, Evangelists & Ambassadors

Every one of your stakeholders has relationships with people of influence to your target audience. Digital Current locates these influencers, builds relationships and transforms them into brand ambassadors.

Social Monitoring

There are millions of conversations happening online. Do you know what those conversations are saying about you? Through social monitoring, Digital Current’s media relations team keeps its finger on the pulse of social media and taps into the right conversations to find coverage gaps, opportunities, threats and potential crises in the making related to your brand.


Every action online can be tracked. Analytics has become an integral part of digital media relations. Your team has to understand how to track and analyze where the content goes, where it gets picked up and republished, who tweets it, who responds. It is possible to measure outcomes rather than outputs in digital media relations.


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