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Your Fast Lane to Short and Long-term search marketing Success

Are you looking for an agency familiar with the intricacies of search engine optimization?. We have a proven track record of creating and executing world-class on-page, off-page and paid search strategies. Our decade of data and trend analysis enables us to accurately project patterns and navigate changes in the search engines, allowing us to position our clients for short and long-term online marketing success and secure market share before their competition has a chance to react.

Social Marketing

Own the Conversation

72% of marketers believe engagement is integral to closing new business. We agree! In our age of online interaction, brands can no longer afford to ignore their consumer’s need to engage socially. Experts in online relationship development, we have the secret sauce for successful influencer outreach and social promotion. Whether we are building a dream team of industry influencers, authors, journalists, and enthusiasts to create and promote your content, or growing your audience through social engagement — earning powerful backlinks, social shares, votes and traffic.

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Content Marketing

Big Ideas that Power Results

It’s hard enough to create quality content. Trying to keep up with the search engine’s and your consumers’ insatiable appetite for new content is more than what most brands can bear. Needing big ideas to drive more traffic and build trust requires a creative digital marketing agency and partner with experience in growing true thought-leaders. With more than ten years of experience bringing big ideas to life, Digital Current creates, distributes and promotes content that motivates engagement, giving your brand a voice that’s easy to find — and impossible to ignore.

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Strategic Marketing

Smart Strategies Need Smarter Data

The best data is rarely the easiest to come by. Going beyond basic audits and intake calls, we get our hands dirty, digging deep for rich insights needed to make better, data-driven decisions. Developing in-depth buyer personas and utilizing cutting-edge research technology, we paint a detailed picture of your consumer’s unique needs and identify how they engage with brands online. Backed by data and robust project planning tools, we create faster, smarter and more effective campaigns that consistently deliver the results your business craves.

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